Why Gesto?

Gesto is the leader drum motor producer of Turkey.

All mechanical parts are designed and produced according to 50.000 hours of service life.

For most of Gesto products, motor housings and end flanges are fitted with bolts so that they can be disassembled with ease.

Terminal box is fitted to the shaft and can be rotatable 90 degrees for being able to adjust its direction according to the cable position.

The usage of high quality sealing system usage, prevents oil leakage and guarantees dust and water proof.

All gear groups are designed according to AGMA standards with high operational safety factors.

The gears are manufactured from high strength alloy steels with extreme production quality and accuracy. After hardened by the heat treatment process, the gears are polished or honed to reach high accuracy and to minimize drum motor noise.

In drum motors, all superior quality bearings are designed with considering high safety factors.

MobilGear 600 XP series extra high performance gear oils are standard.

Oil change can easily be made without removing the drum motor from the conveyor construction.

Gesto drum motors are compatible with frequency converters.

Drum motors with mechanical backstop or electromagnetic brakes can be supplied for inclined conveyor applications.

Gesto's broader product stock, reduces product delivery time significantly.

Its fastest response to any trouble by its talented experts and its wide spare parts stock make its customers extremely satisfied in terms of after sales service.

Gesto proves its superior product and service quality, by its quality certificates taken from independent institutions periodically.

By its wide product range, with its various options, with customer focused mentality combined with its special designs if requested; Gesto responds to all your requests at the right time.